Corporate Sponsorship

—  Let us bring your branding to the forefront.


Our year-round events create an ideal platform for exposure with attendance ranging from 50,000 - 250,000.  

Here at Clearview Productions, we realize branding requires familiarity.  A strategic partnership with us goes beyond just fulfilling needs, it's also about learning the various functions that surround an organization.   

This means taking the time to research independently, in addition to gathering as much as we can from the client to facilitate the best accommodations necessary for goal orientation.

Here are the benefits of being a Corporate Sponsor:

  • Exclusive opportunity to rent premium space for Market Testing and Brand Display at all our venues.

  • A Corporate Account Manager to personally oversee and expedite all inquiries and transactions.

  • Introduction and special entry to our exclusive curated PopUp New York events.

  • Effective Brand Positioning and Target Market implementation with our expansive network of attendees, distinctive upon each location, scattered across all five NYC boroughs and Long Island.

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